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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  February 18, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 3 a sttdent frrm severn is stabbed to death at school over theeweekend.21-year old edmond st. clair was a student at the unnversity of marrland paapus.tom rodgers has more on thh search for suspeccs... along with your otherrtop storres. & stories. &3 the stabbing took ppaaeeon have asked state ollce to take over the investigation. - right now... they aaee interviewing possibbe witnesses. witneeses.the victim's brother was visitiig for the - thing unfold.he
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told -3&pinvesitgators... they were priving on campps saturday night... whennthey came across a group oo guys and a fight broke out.stt clair... was - stabbed in the chest.the viccim's brother ran for - help... fllgging down aacampus 33 greg shiiley: 01:12:10 "aa iidividual ran uppto herrcar -& asking her tt come to help someone had been ssabbed... lying n theeside of the road." tyyone powers:10:40:055 places that we houuhttwere kind of sacred... and that has chhngee drassicalll." drastically."st. clair diedda short time llter.state police say... they are looking for college age affiian american men.ii appears they had some 3 the victim. a maintenaace pn prison... for sexually abusing two girlss. and recooding it..- it. 3 it happened here at lake shore &pchristian academy in pasadena. p2- year- old "paul lorenz thee 3 employee there.ii septemberr.. he pled guilty to charges of -3 sexual aause, produciig child - porrography and possessing itt authorities were tipped off &pwhen girl told her mothhr
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3 her aaout six years ago... whhn he lived in a ttailer on school property. the u-k's -3 bbggest broadccster is coping wwtt a walk-out today by many on its website the b-b-c says members of the national union offjjurnnlists went on strike in prrtest of layoffs. it wws forced to drrp some of - iis t-v and radio news & managers plann o ccttabout 3 and other llws. &p3& aaebook s expected to get a half-billion-doolar refund this taxxseason. season.and that is aarming att &pleast one group.. citiiens for tax justice says it found - the reffnd in faceeook's annual earnings report.and tte watchdog rrup says tte sociaa network compaay won'' point-onn-billioo dollars ii profits for 2012.the tax - research group says facebook pi using stock optioos and other forms of ompensation to &&ppnvestors and employees for theewrite-off.
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,3nats of song songr & singer, mary j. pligg might be singing the -3 blues ooer her financial issues..lige was hit with a 900-thousand dollar tax lien in the state of new jersey. thissjuss adds to her money problems.earlier this month, the sinner llegedly defaultee on a bbnk loan..and bbck in november, blige and her husband were hit with a lawsuit for failture to pay off another loan. 3 one utah high -3 school student orn with a disabillty has bbaten he 3 despitt having only 6 3 a ighly skilled pianist. -3 after watching hissoller 3 landon ddcided heewwntee to &pplay too. and his famill foond the perfect teacher to take on the job. 3 'the teachers werr kind of hesitant to teachhhim ut we pid find a teacher that herselffusee to be a concert pianist and she became paralyzee n one arm and was &ponly able to use two fingers
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&on her other arm and she said if she cculd lay with two fingers sheecoulddteachhlandon po play with three." three." landon now shares his piano talents at different schhols ... inspiring kidd to neeer give up their dreamss 3 3- saa francisco 44er ans are still payinggup on some lost - bets. this time at the & 3 thankk to thh avens supeerbool win, a groop of children and their parents 33 belieee it or not for free - smith is live there now to bill, and which attractions could be the most popplar. gooddmooning joel d. 3 3 3 &p
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3 p3 usually a wedding has a bride, - groom and their loset ffiends -3 pnd familyy... but in 3hhndrrd couples decided to tie
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&pthe knot ttgether. together. the - unification chhrch there... - held a mass weddiig in seoul. the eddings saying the evvnt was to promote world eace ann break own barriees between been nocked for these mass weddings... mainly because some of the couples pad just met before the cerrmony and someedo not speak the same llnguage..-misook says: "ii feees very great. we get along very wwll. -3 we met four days ago by true motter's matching. and we are haapy to bb here and, yeah, looking forward to life together and yeah it's a good liff, good, we're happy. we're reaalyyhhppy." happy." the founder - rev. moon - died last september at the age of ninety-three. his wife - officiated this mass wwdding ceremooy. 3 comiig up... 3&p200 could be yourssweedraw 3& pou an sttll ggt our ame in 33 slash foxbaltimooe. 3 and... try it before you uy it.where you can go for a free
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exxrcise trend... in our hometown hotspot. you're watcchng fox 45 good 3p((bump out))
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3 &p3 & 3 enjoy a day of yoga at the pool..addll board yooaais taking place at the marrland athletii club & wellness center in harbor east. jessie 3 yoga inssructor streammnn now for his orniigs homettwn hotssot.- what is paddle boaar yoga? 3 board yoga?- what is paddle -
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demo? 3 learn in thh demo?learn in the demo?
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3 - what else an we 3sse? -3 see??--3 3 paddllboard oga free demms --3 are ffb. 21st and 233d at the
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mac gym in harboo learn more log on to fox baltimore dot com slaah porning. 3&pare yyuuour biggest fan?then -3 you cn become.. our fan of thh day! 3 everyday e'll pick one of our viewers fom our facebook page... and feeture them on -33 fox45 ews att55to ecomeea fan just go to our facebookk page... facebook dot ccm slaah foxbaalimore. coming up... a dance craze ii & swweping the ation. natton.original harlem 3 shaae nats &pnatswe show ou what haapens when some university of paryland students... try their hand at the harlem shake. & 3 ou're
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3 watchinn foo 45 gooddday & bbltimoree 3& ((break 2)) he learned to read in secret while it was illegal in america he travelled to canada for medical school when pennsylvannia turned him away he appealed directly to the president to join the union army in 1862 and dr. alexander t. augusta was not alone the little known stories of black civil war doctors revealed on 'the 700 club," monday at 10:00.
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3 3 harlem shake nats nats 3 move ver gangnam style.. phere's a newwdance phenomenon. & the top of tunes' top song ist. reported that 4,000 "harlem -3 shhke" videos are e bbing uploaded every day. but here 3 nats:umd harlem haae ssake3 ptuddnts from the university
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& their take this weekenn at the mmn's basketball game agaanst ddrector f mmrketing at the universitt of maryland - decided tt help facilittte a - baakeeball game. 3
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33 3& cominggup... 3 starr your wwrk week off.... with an xtraa220 bucks in youu pocket.we draw anooher wwnnerrinn ur freebruary contest riggt after the break. and you can still get your naae in he box.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. p3 and... ravees wide rrceiver torrry smith.. wants to help you stay heaathy.what e's doing... to keep you in shape. pou're watching foxx45 good day baltiiore. ((break 3))
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3 3 giveaway!everyday ii february we're giviig away 100- dollarr an hour..- hour. 3 óóóóóó yu have 30 mmnutes to - call uu at the number on your screen. screee.if yoo don't call in.. next hoor for someone else to in! win!to get your ame in the box.. go to facebook dot com - sslsh foxbbatimore and ffll out the cannalso go there to read compllte contest - rules.
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3 3 3 3 33 3 3 -3 3 ,3 -3
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3 3&pan idaho mmn is an idaho man is receiving criticism nationwiie after slapping a toddler on a delta irplane. 3 tom rodgers has more on the invvstigation... along wiih the morning's other top stooies. stories. 3 sunday .... joee hunddey was fired as an executive for an aerospace company. -3&p earlier
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this month a mothhr says hundley 19-month-old son and then slapped the hild near the eyee ccusing him to blled. hhndley who was toosit on hhs mmthhr's lap and that theechild wouldn't stop crying. 3 p leakee immigration propooal from the white house iss ddawing sharp criticism from -3 republicans.thh biggest point of conteetion?aaclause thaa would give illegal immigrants a chaacc to become pprmanent residents in just a few short yearss aacooring too 3 today, the bill would creattea special new vvsa specifically forrillegal immmgrrats allowing them to stay in thh - countrr while they wait for 3 even those with criminal records would be welcome so 3 convicted offthree crimee or - spent more than a year in prison. it appeers to be a long wwy from the bipartisan plannttat's ssowly taking shape oo capitol hill. mccaii says: "leaks don't happen in washington y pccident. this raises the questton that many of us continue tt wonddr about, does
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the president realll want a result orrdoes he want another 3 repubbicans o hhethat can ggt polliical advantage in the next eleccion?" the white house ays the through on his promiie to ave if congress fails to act. 3 the election of a new ope may happen sooner than expected. - 3 a vaatcan authoriiiee could prepare a 3 new pope. become the ew ...who shoold cardinals decide is where he the mmeting meeeing. up the start of proposal moving authorrties coulddchurch authoritiee could prepare a up &p tte meeting ii where the cardinalssdecide ...who shouud become the new pope. -3 normally herr is a 15 to 20 day waiting periid after the papacy becomes vacant ... but that waiting periid would fall tto cllss to holyyweek which starts maachh24-th.. -3 the church is hopinn to -3 have a pope in placc byymarch 17-th. a florida man not onny finished a 26-mile marathon ... he did it while
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darren eissmmn ... knoon ass"doctor dribble" finishee the raceein about four and a halffhours. the pprsonal trainer and motivatiooal speakers says he was running to raise money to help foster kids. book of world records monitored the race to seeeif dribbling to basketbaals. doctor dribble sayy after pain. 3 e may have all -&pmaae sanddcastles as a kid but not liie thhs. 3 tte 2213 art of sand festival....showcased thissweekend in florida. this yeer's eeenn featured -3 13 sand scclptures y 8 master sand arriss from aroondd the globe. 3 on presidents dayyone of the more unique placee to honor our forrmr leaders is the "riiley's believe it or not museem" at the inner harror. 3 and a special group of
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children and their families - wwll beethere this morning, and they won'' pay a thingg 3 and that's all thanks to the baltimorr ravens. joel d pmith is there now 22eeplain why. why. 3- 3 p,
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3 -3 3 coming up... dress... like a superbowl champion. champion.your chance to win a coomemmrative ravens gear prize pack signed by torrey
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3 20 minutes. 3 you're watchinng oxx p5 good day baltimore. ((break 5))
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3 3 pacebook page we today n our to aation hii! this!today on our facebbok page we posted a picture f a out. here's what some of you captioned it. it. &3 pquick, i need a bottle of coke!" coke!" "my monday pose "my monday
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pose !" !" "cannsomeone - hann me the rrmote?"if you & want to play if yoo want to play along... join us on ur facebook page at facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. 3 ((toss to weather)) 33 3 ((addlib
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3 meteorologistt) 3 3 weether kkddttase
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3 coming up... keep an eye on yyurrhealth.when those changes in your vision may be aasign of sometting moree 3 and... turn dessert.. into &pdinner.the savory entrre you - can make out f your leftover youure watching ox 45 good 3& 3 ((break 66)
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3& 3 3 is your visson getting &plittle blurry ii spots? & are you ver he age of age- related maculaa &pdegeneeation.february is low -3 vision awwreness month.dr. michael grodin from katzen eyye group joins uu thissmornnng with more..
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3 p what is a-m-d?- hhw do we -3 know if we are at risk? 3 - how do we kkow 3 - how o e knoo if we arr att - risk?if we are at risk?- hoo pan we treat it? it?? how ccnnwe reat 3 if we are at riis?- how can ww trrat it? it? -3
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3it? it?- how can we treat - ow -3 can e treaa it?
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3 to learr more log onnto fox baltimore dot com slash morning. 3- 3 slash mmrning. the b-more &pbaltimore... saturday, -3 february can gee hhalth screenings... see 3 entertaanment... a fii and fun 3 starts at 10 a-m at thh baltimore coovention center. we'll sse yoo there!!- 3 cominn up... 3 wear your championship purple pridee. for free!yourrchancc to win somm grrat superbowl ravens gear signed by toorey smith is coming up in less than 10 minutes. and... don't throw uttthose 3 threeeways you can use them in
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3pwatching fox 45 ood day pbbltimmree -3
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tte debate over he health beneeits oo alcohol.ssme - distubring newwinforration on foo 45 news at five.3 3 the ravens are superbowl 3&preeember he occasion witt some great gear. gear.fanatics seet us ravens -superbbwl champions hats and ssirts.aad we had torrey smith -3 sign them!we'reegiving them youuthe 4tt and th caalers right noowaa 410-481-45455win a haa and a shirt.
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